GK Tuition Centre

GK Tuition Centre is located in Milton Keynes, Bletchley, just 5mins walk from Asda. For further information, please email us at info@greatkid.co.uk.


Photo from internet. Pupils are expected to arrive in school in good time, and be punctual to class. Parents should note the start of the day and when the whistle blows. Pupils are expected to be seated in class at certain time of the morning. (Ask the school if you are unsure) without this your […]

Key Things a Single Parent Must Make Clear to Their Kid.

Some children think they are alone As a parent, make your child understand he or she is not alone. A child is likely to understand things like ‘’you are not the first child to live with a single parent; neither will you be the last to live in such condition’’ weather good or bad. Statistics […]

When Should Your Child Start Using Makeup?

There is a trend out there for most children to have the need to grow fast. this trend includes girls having to make up before leaving the house. For a parents who thinks it was just yesterday she was holding her child’s hand to the nursery,now seeing the child wanting to become an adult. it […]

No one but you

The role of parents can be incredible and very important in the lives of their children. No one has great influence on the people your children become as you do.www.greatkid.co.uk . It is a pleasure, gift and great responsibility. Remember that you are your children’s first and most important teacher, now and for the rest […]