The milestone of a child’s development

To, Dad, Mum, and My Carers My name is great kid and I would like to share some tips on how you can recognize my physical, social, and  my emotional development( Simply call it PSED) when I am between 0 – 3 MONTHS and 3-6 MONTHS Just to let you know that the milestone of us children in this context can be difficult to identify,  sometimes impossible. This is because sometimes it has to do with self-awareness. So, here we go………………………

* I actively learn about myself and the people around me

* I enjoy social stimulation and love to smile at people

* I respond to touch, it makes me aware of my own

* I am capable of looking at my own hands and suck on my fingers

*At this time, I realize that I am a separate being from those around me

*I love to be comforted and relieved by my loved one’s

When I get to 3-6 Months, I do the following…………….

*  Respond when my name is called

* I smile

*I love to play a peek- a- boo

* And I laugh

Thank you all for loving and raising a  Great Kid.